A Human Library is an event that aims to create dialogue and understanding between people. Individuals volunteer as human ‘books’ and participants in the event can ‘read’ the book- meaning they would have a one on one conversation with the volunteer and share in a dialogue about that individual’s experience. ‘Books’ are volunteers from all walks of life who have experienced discrimination based on race, religion, sexual preference, class, gender identity, sex, age, lifestyle choices, disability and other aspects of their life. The Human Library provides the opportunity for the community to share and understand the experiences of others in their community.

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There are a lot of things the Chicago community can gain from this event. Participants, both volunteers and the public, can gain the understanding that dialogue between people can work to break the barriers that separate us. Additionally, participants will walk away with the mutual understanding of being human beyond a single identity. Our volunteers cherish the experience to share their narrative with others and forge new connections.

The Human Library is an international movement that started in Denmark in the year 2000 and has since made its way through over 70 countries. Human Library Chicago was created with the permission of the Human Library Organization. The Human Library Chicago team is working hard to bring regularly scheduled Human Library events to the Chicago area. Please fill out our contact form if you are interested in volunteering. We are always looking to meet more people interested in the Human Library mission.

Our organization is administered by Intersection, a not for profit with the purpose of engaging and educating communities through social contact and raise awareness of social issues.


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Storytelling Workshop: Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Time: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Location: Read/Write Library, 914 N. California, Walton Entrance, Chicago, IL 60622

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About the Read/Write Library.

Have you ever thought about becoming a storyteller or applying storytelling techniques to enhance your public speaking? At Human Library Chicago, we believe everyone has a story to tell. Thats why were organizing this workshop- for our Books, Readers, or anyone interested in using storytelling techniques to share their life experiences.

In this applied workshop for story-centered public speaking/monologue, we have three goals in mind:
1. Participants will learn how to integrate storytelling techniques and apply them to public speaking in general;
2. Participants will learn how to integrate storytelling techniques and apply them to an introductory monologue and the Q & A session, in the style of Human Library events;
3. Participants will learn to become a more effective communicator.

This workshop will be taught by Ada Cheng, a professor-turned storyteller and performing artist. She will highlight some techniques for storytelling and show how storytellers use them. She will then teach you how to apply these techniques and integrate them into the Human Library method. During the workshop, the participants will have an opportunity to apply these techniques and to practice their speech/monologue.

Workshop Instructor Bio:

Ada Cheng is a professor-turned storyteller and performing artist. She has been featured at storytelling shows in Chicago, Atlanta, Cedar Rapids, New York, Asheville, and Kansas City. In 2017, she performed her first solo show, Not Quite: Asian American by Law, Asian Woman by Desire, at National Storytelling Conference, Capital Fringe Festival, Minnesota Fringe Festival, and Boulder Fringe Festival. Her solo show received a great review from The Washington Post. She debuted her second solo show, Breaking Rules, Broken Hearts: Loving across Borders, with Fillet of Solo Storytelling Festival at Lifeline Theatre in January 2018. She brought her second solo performance to The Exit Theater in San Francisco in June. She will again bring her second solo show to the United Solo Theatre Festival in New York in October this year.
Ada is the producer and the host of three shows, which include Pour One Out: A Monthly Themed Storytelling Series at Volumes Bookcafe and Am I Man Enough?: A Storytelling/Podcasting Show, where people tell personal stories to critically examine the culture of toxic masculinity and the construction of masculinity and manhood. She is also the co-producer and co-host of Talk Stories: An Asian American/Asian Diaspora Storytelling Show, along with Archy Jamjun, a show where they showcase Asian/Asian American storytellers and performing artists.
Her motto: Make your life the best story you tell. Check out her website: www.renegadeadacheng.com


The Human Library Chicago program is administered by Intersection, a not for profit with the purpose of engaging and educating communities through social contact and raise awareness of social issues. Human Library Chicago is Intersection’s main program.

The Human Library Chicago program provides all it’s events completely free to the public. However, behind the scenes, there are expenses. Contributing enables us to provide volunteers with T-shirts, to promote events with posters and flyers, to give out promotional materials at an event, and provides lunch for volunteers. Additionally, we may participate in festivals and require funds to pay for a space. All contributions are greatly appreciated and used efficiently to bring the best events to the public.

Intersection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations made to Intersection are tax deductible.