A Special Thank You

There are a lot of people that helped make our last event at Sulzer Regional Library a success. Human Library Chicago, first and foremost, would like to thank all of our amazing volunteers- both our books and librarians- without whom our events would not be possible. We truly appreciate every volunteer who made our first event of 2015 a success. We would also like to thank Southside Occupational Academy High School, whose students made our amazing T-shirts for the event. Additionally, we’d like to thank Native Foods, who donated the lunches to our volunteers. The event was also featured in DNAinfo and we are thankful for the buzz this created. Finally, we’d like to thank the readers- those who attend our event, take part, and are willing to learn more about others in the community around them- because without their curiosity and participation, we could not exist. I know our books enjoyed the conversation just as much as the readers did.

When we held our first event last June, I never imagined that Human Library Chicago would grow and gain as much interest as it has. I am very lucky to have a dedicated Board of Directors who worked tirelessly to put on this successful event at Sulzer Regional Library. We look forward to gaining more books and putting on more events for the Chicago community.

Marlena Johnson

President of Human Library Chicago